Pacific North West Lovin'

If you know me, even a little bit, you know Seattle is my favorite place in the universe. This July, I took a personal trip to Seattle to spend some time alone and get ahead on my wedding work load, and knowing I was going to be in the same state as Kelcie and Cody, I couldn't pass up the chance to get them in front of my lens. 


Before Kelcie & Cody got into downtown Seattle, I walked through Pike Place is picked out a beautiful bouquet to accent their session! This bouquet had such a variety of colors and flowers and I just thought it was the cutest thing.

We started the session in the marketplace! It was still bright outside, but the shops were closed, so we had the entire space to ourselves. When I got to Seattle (at 2AM) the week before, the first thing I did was walk through the empty Pike Place Market. There's something about being there when every one else is gone.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to shoot in Post Alley, either! What was so fun about working with Kelcie and Cody is how sweet they are together. They'd never had photos formally taken and they expressed being a little bit nervous, but they were just absolute naturals!

When we left downtown, we took a beautiful drive to Alki Beach! I cannot believe I'd never been there before, but it was PERFECT. The weather and the sun setting! I couldn't have come up with a more perfect evening.

I left this session feeling so inspired and refreshed. What a perfect photo shoot! Thank you to Kelcie & Cody for meeting with me and helping me bring this vision to life :')

I'm more sure than ever that I gotta move to Seattle ASAP :)