5 Ways To Prepare For Your Couples Session

Hey, friends!

So, you've booked your first couple session, or maybe your fifth or your twelfth, or maybe you're engaged and want to snuggle up to ya girl and have cute pics to prove it.

I get it, I love it, and I agree - it's the best! There is no better way to encapsulate your memories than having portraits of you and your cutie to look at forever, specifically when you're 75 and you want to remember what it looked like to be young and in love.

And so you've booked and now what? It can be tricky to prepare yourself to be photographed. Believe me, as a photographer myself, I still experience some stage fright, but have no fear! Here are five ways to prepare yourself for your photoshoot!

1. Match, but don't MATCH.

We all have those family pictures where you're dressed up and you know your mother made you all wear bright red. Yes, okay, they're cute photos and you're glad they exist, but you don't want to recreate those, right? So the best way to avoid this is to color compliment. If your partner is wearing a patterned shirt of cream and blue, choose something either cream or blue or in the tans/nudes family. Bring lots of options, too, if you're worried! Let your photographer help you.

Below is a great example of how to color coordinate! JP wore dark blue and Keely wore a floral blouse with dark blue minimal details!


2. Make a Pinterest board, screenshot cute photos off of instagram, or bring bridal magazines with you. I know this seems like a funny way to prepare, but it is a great way! Come inspired with photos that you want to recreate with your partner! And feel free to send them to your photographer, too.  Sometimes, one of the hardest parts of being photographed is not knowing how to pose! The photographer will help a lot with this, but if you come prepare with cute poses, you'll be much more comfortable and confident.


3. Practice your hair and makeup before hand! Ever just decided to go for a winged eyeliner ten minutes before you have to leave? Yeah, me too. And trust me, there's no stress like I'm-about-to--be-late-and-be-heavily-photographed. Skip the stress, and have your hair and makeup planned out in advance!


4. Bring props! (This includes your pets!) If you have something special that you really want to be a part of your shoot, bring it and it will be worked in! Nothing makes a photo special like the things that are special to you and your other half. Bring it!

5. Relax, have fun, and be authentic! Don't be afraid to get a little goofy with your partner! A photographer's dream is to capture you exactly as you are. Posed pictures are great, but belly laughing with hearts in your eyes as you look at each other in a real moment is better. Trust me on this, those portraits will be your favorite, too.

All sessions are good sessions, but with these additional tools, you'll feel more comfortable and confident being photographed! Now that you're ready, book a shoot! Let me be your photog-third wheel!

See you soon,