A Hurricane Wedding!

This May, I was lucky enough to photograph my cousin's wedding to his beautiful bride, and my newest family member, Katie! 

They say rain on a wedding day is good luck, and if that's true in any regard, this is the luckiest couple in the world, because they got married on the beach in the middle of a hurricane!

I think initially everyone was pretty worried with how this would turn out but these two look better than I could ever imagine. They had the sweetest vows, their first dance on the beach, and I watched every guest toss a seashell into the ocean accompanied by their wishes for the bride and groom. 

And these two families (no bias here, none at all) really know how to party! Their reception was filled with so much laughter and I'm not sure there was one person who wasn't dancing! There's nothing I love more than getting to capture the love of the people I love. It didn't hurt that I got to visit with my mama (wait until you see this angel babe below) and all of my favorite people!


This wedding was such a joy to be apart of and Saint Augustine will always have a spot in my heart. 

Lots & lots of love!