Greetings From The Lou

This weekend was an amazing one. Jeanne, a blogger that I regularly work with to create content for her website, put together an influencer brunch for women in the Saint Louis area! I was asked to photograph each woman and was privileged to learn a little bit about each of them while we shot in downtown.

We met up at a local coffee shop and wine bar called Blondies! The staff was so friendly and the food was amazing! If you're a fan of Americanos, I'd completely recommend theirs!


The best part about all of this is how diverse these incredible women are! One woman is a Spanish teacher and mother, another is a law professor, another is the owner of a body positive modeling agency, and the list goes on! They were all so kind. To be a part of that comradery that so naturally was offered by each and every participant was truly something else. I am proud to know each of them.


If you are in the Saint Louis area, send me a message and I'll make sure you're invited to the very next get together that Jeanne hosts!

Get out there, meet your fellow creatives, and thrive!

Love, Em



Jeanne: @finessecurves314 /