Meet The Trinklers!

On October 21st - there were lots of happy things. Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecakes, a cat and pup adoption fair, a delicious brunch in a cafe filled with lush, green, plants, and ricotta filled biscuits. It was truly one of the best days I've had in a long time - and the evening was no exception!

My sister and I headed out to the Fish Hatchery in Forest Park to photograph the coming together of a little family that I've gotten to know over the last few months.


Ashleigh is one of the strongest women and mothers I have ever met. She does anything and everything for her children. She is truly a super human and I admire her everyday.


She lights up when she talks about Jeremy. The first day I met her was the first time I'd heard of him, too. Ashleigh told me of how silly they are when they're together and how they are happy when they simply have some one on one time in their hectic schedules.




They brought only their small families to an intimate ceremony Saturday evening as the sun was setting in the background. When they shared their first kiss as husband and wife, their children threw rose petals to celebrate!


I'm convinced that the very best thing in the entire world is to love wholly, and to be loved in return - and that is what these two share.


As we are gearing up for Thanksgiving next month (I haven't forgotten about you, Halloween. All my love, Em) let us take a moment to be especially grateful for the family and friends that we are so lucky to have in our lives. This wedding reminded me the importance of our families, those we were born with, and those we chose, the gift of forgiving, and the intangible experience that is better than anything immaginable - love.

Sending you all warm wishes this holiday season!